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(Draft report for presentation in China)

By Olga I. Glazunova

If we want to educate students in such a way that they can be easily integrated into modern research and development activities we need to move away from the principle of early specialization, and to concentrate on the basic abilities development in students. If the basic abilities are fully developed in children from the very beginning this will allow us, at a later stage, to develop competences, which are indispensable if a person is willing to participate in the modern types of professional activity. High level of the basic abilities development is the core foundation for the future professional development and success.

We interpret the basic abilities within the thought-activity approach framework, and we believe they are based not on the individual mental capacity but on the generalized modes of reasoning and activity developed by the mankind and passed across generations from adults to children in the process of education. Such approach to the interpretation of abilities corresponds to the meta-subject based educational technologies, which represent the new generation of innovative education in Russia.

We do believe that today the Russian school faces the objective task of transition from the school of object knowledge and information competencies to the school of abilities development. Within the "Moscow School of the Future" program we developed and started to implement such a project. This project affects practically all the aspects of schooling: education content renewal, diagnostic system change, new interpretation of a teacher's professionalism and the school mission in general.

We defined a certain number of basic abilities, specifically, the abilities of ideation, comprehension, communication, reflexion, action and imagination. We also created our own innovative program of diagnostics of the basic abilities development level for the students of 35 schools, which were united into an experimental network. Within this program, we developed sets of diagnostic tools to evaluate conceptual thinking, modeling, various aspects of comprehension and imagination. Once a year, we run a comparative monitoring of the level of the basic abilities development of all the student of these schools.


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